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Because The K9's Choice places their order for stock once a month, orders must be placed before the end of the month. Food arrives around the second week of the following month. So, please factor this time in when ordering.

However, we do have a limited amount of stock on hand, so please contact us at (916) 995-6306 for availability.

The K9's Choice is the Central Coast's distributor for Oma's PrideTM - a complete line of pre-prepared raw food products made expressly for those feeding raw diets to their pets. With our fresh-frozen ground meat/bone products, you provide the love while we provide complete and balanced nutrition.

The mystery of good health and nutrition is locked within the fresh, raw foods provided by nature. But now, part of the secret is out - The K9's Choice is your one-stop source for the nourishing, natural meat and bones that will help insure a long and healthy life for your companion.

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Due to the perishable nature of our product, The K9's Choice ships UPS Overnight to all areas that do not receive UPS Ground in 2 days.  For large orders or shipments to Sacramento Valley, non-UPS delivery may be available.  Please email us to arrange and select the Pickup/Delivery option at checkout.  Additional charges may apply.

 Dr. Greg's Dog Dish Diet:
Sensible Nutrition For Your Dog's Health
You are what you eat....as the saying goes.  Well, the same thing holds true for our pets.  This book is the crash course you need to feed your dog a healthful diet.  And, by the way, it tastes good!  Your dog is going to love eating what's good for him.


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*If in doubt, always consult your veterinarian.

Your cat is a little CARNIVORE. That is why you will need to feed your cat a diet based on meat as well as things like liver, heart, and kidneys.

Because your cat is a carnivore, it is also a bone eater and will need to be fed plenty of raw meaty bones: chicken and turkey, carcasses and necks, etc.

The K9's Choice is pleased to announce a new section on our web site full of all the natural, Oma's Pride products perfect for your feline's diet!  Click here for more information.

Gino von Aslanhaus at 12 weeks with first mom, Stephanie

Gino von Aslanhaus SchH 1, now a Service Dog, with his new mom, Chrissy

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